Some things changes others dont.

Before I was 6 I often felt out of place at school. I did not feel bright or any special, I remember that sentiment of being a little behind others both physically and when doing tasks at the classroom. Till this day I can recall how much I hated  to color circles or whatever figure the gave us. Lots of classmates would finish faster and more neatly (I couldn’t keep the with the same pattern or direction of lines for long), same with cutting out a symbol, I would struggle very much.

First grade came around and something magical happened, the filling with colors exercises were changed for reading and numbers. I wasn’t the best reader but I was above average and in math I was with the best if not the best, same with history and geography, I just killed, any question the teacher had I was the one answering (Social studies I was very advanced cause I knew lots of countries, capital cities, politics etc by the time I was 5).

Nowadays I feel as if I’m back to the days of coloring,with the exception that now I know first grade could be around the corner once again.

And life was created…

So life is a constant rejection of reality, I say this because it’s the life that this blog has taken on. To be more explicit the purpose of the loneliest blog of WordPress is to defy it’s own existence.

By all accounts Loudsyblogger should had been dead by now, no fallowing, zero traffic, not even one positive comment. It is a total failure by WordPress Standards, however it still feels good to write from time to time, to reflect on the fact that these are blind letters, silent sounds, meaningless constructs.

It keeps me pure in a sense, I do not have to write for a type of audience, there is  no pressure to please any follower, writing bad also help to not take this so seriously, could this be the secret of eternity???

This is not original but it is original for me

What if earth is just one big vomit God had one of those days? I mean it is very possible that God was walking  in a really dark forest of the universe (If Bavaria has a black forest so could the universe), and he needed to puke and thus earth was created. Obviously the other planets were “throw ups” by other celestial beings (that explains why life exists on our planet).

The Sun was one galactic dump by the “All mighty”. it’s quite easy to tell that it were all just “random” events after a “damn good” party. Now its far easier to explain why God really doesn’t care about us, of course history would had been very different if this was the story passed on from generation to generation.

I don’t know if there are organism or Bacteria alive in our vomit, but I do know they don’t live to ask us for favors, or even care about our existence, I mean that’s what I think…

On the other hand a godly residue has the properties to create and propagate and eventually and thanks to evolution we are going to leave this planetary puke…to be continued

I really appreacite and have lots of respect for all bloggers except for one

I mean, I see how much effort and dedication these guys are putting into their craft. A couple of weeks ago I red some pieces by an American girl and I saw so much talent there. Whenever I browse some of the suggested blogs by WordPress, I find incredible looking pages with impressive use of the English language.

Now there is one dude that’s just lazy, just writes just because he can and frankly does not add any added value to this site. Of course I’m talking about myself.

So Im trying to writhyme a song.



I do not have a great IQ thus I will always prefer a song that rhymes over one that does not. Then I again I find it terrible when someone repeats a word to rhyme, just to force things.

Anyways today I forced myself to rhyme a bit, its a form of self torture but also an excuse to blog :

It would be really hard to write something

That could mean the same for you and me

Sorrow of broken promises keep drumming

Inside of a heart that still has a lot to give

You always been so confident and strong

Theory and practice when it came to love

In a blink of an eye everything was wrong

How can I make this wound not to grow?

Without you:

I am a prayer with no conviction

A holyday with no celebration

The pinnacle of the desperation

A poor soul that has no inspiration

Too full to do anything

I want to feel productive. I no longer want to do things that feels as if I am wasting my time. it’s a total revolution for me, getting back my will power, the self discipline that once I possessed. Don’t know if I already mentioned this but I have started to learn python, I want to develop a skill that does not need the collaboration of others in such a drastic way; coding will allow me to create things without having to “wait” or “rely” on others most of the time.

I just ate and my tummy is full and my mind is also full of fear from and pending python exercise I much complete, this I blog…

Typos are not optional here.

There is life besides blogging and I still cant find myself a way of finishing the Onion blog, classic writer’s block perhaps, sometimes I think I should had made it in Spanish.

Being immerse in the world of Python, seems nice and like programming was made for me but everything I thought I was meant to do something terrible things ensued . I’m sure that by the time I learn to be a Python WIZ some nerd will have developed some program that allows you to code with your thoughts, that’s my mission in life, I’m the signal for something to no longer be trendy or important, as soon as I arrive, its no longer needed.


Bad Baseball


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The current level of baseball is terrible. Thank God for Sabrmetrics! while people discuss what stat is better, or which baseball player is better according to advanced stats, people do not see how catchers are not blocking balls properly, how players do not know or apply the fundamentals of the game.

One of these days a smart guy, not a geek will take over a club and make a incredible dynasty because he will apply common sense to all the great math we have going now.

On Trust

Things I have learned on trust:

Do not trust those who tell you not to trust anyone.

Do not trust those who tell you: “you are too nice”.

Do not trust people who tell you something too obvious.

Do not trust those who tell you something to hard to understand.

Don’t trust those telling you to trust yourself only.

Those with too much material needs should not be trusted.

People whose profit comes from the performance of others shouldn’t be trust either.

Just another one

The Present life.

Words contained in this post are just that words, this is not a story, not a warning, nothing just a way of me relaxing, dealing with my existence.

If I happened to be original one might be scare about what they are about to read, but since I’m a constellation of idea by others, whatever that seems familiar or coincidental it’s just that a casualty but there is not truth behind it.

When I was very young I would avoid confrontation with my sister, she was born with a fiery character and I was a loving sensitive fragile boy. My mother recounts how my sis would snatched a toy from me by force and how I get it back by pretending my new toy (one I would pick up and didn’t care about) was better.

In a planet far away in another age, a jailed species were led to believe that they were actually free. There was no confrontation with their slave masters since the master had them fight among themselves. In fact most habitants thought they controlled their own destiny.

The means of control were quite easy and you could reduced it to the word “comparison”, “the powers at be” kept people in check by having them compared themselves to others, the one doing slightly better were the winners, the one slightly worse, where the losers.

That comparison and competition between each individual kept the whole population numb about their slavery. It didn’t matter how bad life actually was, if one could find some satisfaction in another one doing worse.

Prisons within the planet weren’t there to really punish bad guys; it was just a friendly reminder that things could be worse.

Now being slave wasn’t the biggest issue, being slave and not knowing wasn’t the biggest issue either, the big problem was what was about to happen next.

The master had advanced in their knowledge of the physical world and life sciences; they had also created many machines and computers that were making the species more irrelevant with each passing day. No longer were slaves needed when you had machines to work for them.

Now time was right to get rid of all the habitant of our unnamed planet. Of course in a similar fashion to the slavery the exterminating operation will be done silently utilizing social tools to make individuals gladly accept their grim fate.